At Decadence Salon we strongly believe that how you look after your hair in-between appointments is a vital part of maintaining hair that’s not only gorgeous, but healthy and strong too. Our stylists offer advice and guidance in picking the right products for your hair type, whilst ensuring you know exactly how to use them.



One of the salon’s top selling brands and a favourite with the stylists is the vast range of products by award winning brand Living Proof. The founders, a team of not only hair stylists but scientists too, meaning the products are completely un-damaging to the hair. Free from silicone and stiff resins, the hair stays cleaner for longer, meaning less washing, less styling and products that last longer. Living Proof is your answer to exquisite hair.


COLOR ME by Kevin.Murphy

developed by world-class biotech scientists and beauty experts, and with over 45 industry awards to date, Living Proof is your ticket to head turning, traffic stopping, lustrous looking hair. Adored by the woman who turned the world on to ‘The Rachel’ (the most sought-after style of the 90s), the unfailingly glossy Jennifer Aniston is such a devotee that she’s also a co-owner of the brand – spreading the ‘Living Proof gospel’, with each flick of her exquisite hair.



The Evo packing is bursting with personality inside each bottle, you'll find luxurious products that are sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol free; products that give professional results while respecting the environment. The brand is designed to make you think outside the box when it comes to your hair – hence their catch phrase – ‘Saving ordinary humans from themselves.’


OLAPLEX - One ingredient changes everything

Olaplex is the new revolutionary upgrade service that now allows us to colour without compromising the integrity of your hair. From natural colours to ombré and balayage, whether you have highlights, gloss or permanent to help cover greys, upgrading to Olaplex for your colour service will leave your hair condition feeling stronger, healthier and repaired, while your colour is shiny, vibrant and longer lasting.

Olaplex is a single active ingredient, which is free of silicones, oils, proteins, aldehydes and parabens, and is designed to reconnect disulphides sulfur bonds which are broken by the process of chemically treating or thermal styling hair, thus leaving you with soft, strong, healthy hair. Olaplex is split into three stages with part one and two done in the salon and part three available for you purchase here, and continue the process at home.



The Nanokeratin System is designed to work with your hairs natural texture so the result depends on your hair type. If you have unruly, frizzy hair, you will see a massive reduction in frizz and curls. If your hair is naturally straight, it will appear shinier and smoother. All hair types will gain strength and be more manageable.



The Anti-Aging Authority, is the most innovative source of anti-aging science and proprietary patented technologies for the professional skincare market worldwide that are simply not available through any other professional skincare brands.